My Goodbye Lyrics Jorge Rivera-Herrans

Song: My Goodbye
Artist: Jorge Rivera-Herrans
Album: EPIC: The Musical
Featuring: Teagan Earley
Written By: Jorge Rivera-Herrans
Release Date: January 27, 2023

My Goodbye Lyrics Jorge Rivera-Herrans

You are reckless, sentimental at best
That’s not a teaching of mine
You’ve grown soft, your dead friends can attest


Put your emotions aside
You’re a warrior meant to lead the rest
I don’t know where I went wrong
But I warned you, and you failed the test
So now I’m gone

This way, you’ll know what your place is
This way, you can’t cross the line
This way, when all is over you’ll keep yours and I’ll keep mine
This way, you won’t disappoint me
This way, you won’t waste my time
This way, I’ll close the door
Consider this as my goodbye

That’s just like you, why should I be surprised?
Selfish and prideful and vain
Unlike you, every time someone dies
I’m left to deal with the strain
What’s a title that a goddess could lend if I’ll never sleep at night?
I’ll remind you I saw you as a friend
But now we’re done

This way, you’re out of my head now
This way, you won’t plague my life
This way, when all is done, you’re out of sight and out of mind
This way, you get what you wanted
This way, you can save your time
This way, you close the door and have your damn goodbye

You’re not looking for a mentor
I’m not looking for a friend
I mistook you for a general
What a waste of effort spent

At least I know what I’m fighting for
While you’re fighting to be known
Since you claim you’re so much wiser
Why’s your life spent all alone?
You’re alone

One day, you’ll hear what I’m saying
One day, you might understand
One day, but not today, for after all you’re

Just a man

This day, you sever your own head
This day, you cut the line
This day, you lost it all
Consider this as my goodbye
Consider this as my goodbye
This is my goodbye
Consider this as my goodbye
This is my goodbye

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